Thursday, June 22, 2006

jaffa cakes on the table

good evening! what i'm about to write is nothing short of infinity!
pure greatness has unfolded in the last two weeks that has opened new doors!!

i was at the Annecy festival 2 weeks ago, it was a time wilder any jest!
the story is perhaps too long to perhaps cronicle in one mere post! but i will post a few images none the less. i managed to climb a mountain and watch the premier of cars, the new pixar film.
but mainly i was chilling out in the sun and drawing and checking out the job fair.
We met up with a few guys from disney and others went to see tim burton and amano

everyone had an awsome time and much bleach ds and Oendan was play that week.

then upon my return a small bundle of excellence awaited mine eyes. the event was a prelude to the acension from doulbe. it was a warriors jest and manly tears flowed down yonder face! electric air guitar was played follow by the continue sound from the continue screen in street fighter 2, a little glint in jims eye appears as i called "hadoken"!!
yes, mine country men i here by proclaim this to be my finest hour!!
ok so i have a girlfriend now and it really does make the days happier. i jest you not!
i drew a pic of her and me!!

sadly i am still pretty stressed and will keep this short.
All i know is i still have a film to finish in about 4 days and i have to get loads of portfolio work done AND work some full night shifts at b n q(sick)

until the next time....

Friday, June 02, 2006

Fire ball XL5

Good afternoon!
at 01:00 hours on saturday morning i will commence a journey of epik...EPIK proportion.
To the little town called Annecy in the south of france to attend an animation festival!
All my friends are going too so its going to be a week of courage and knowledge itself!!
photo's will be posted here afterwards!

i have another blog on livejournal, but i'm tesing this blog out so i'm just gonna post a load of work up until i get my site going. PEACE!

this is the most awkard and gay system ever invented....but it hosts your safe
keep it real, until the next time!! live that dream.